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3" Green Backing Plate 3D Spray Detailer 3D Poxy - High Gloss Montan Wax
3" Green Backing Plate
Our Price: $8.76
3D Spray Detailer
Our Price: $8.99
Spray Detailer Quick and easy way to clean and remove fingerprints and buffer smears for a showroom shine. It also works great while you’re sanding, buffing and polishing around the shop. Works great on paint, glass, and chrome. Silicone free, body shop safe. Excellent lubricant for clay bars and clay alternatives. Spray on cars that are heavily soiled, and wipe off with a soft, clean, dry cloth for an instant deep gloss.
3D Poxy is a long lasting sealant wax. It’s montan wax properties will shine and protect for an extended amount of time. It is a hybrid paint sealant/wax that has been designed to bond to the painted surface for protection and a long lasting durable shine. Works exceptionally well on all colors including dark color paints. Unlike any wax available, 3D Poxy will give you a deep, glossy finish while protecting against the natural effects of Mother Nature such as bird droppings, acid rain, hard water deposits, and many other adverse paint challenges. Crafted from Mined Fossilized Montan Wax, 3D POXY is the highest heat resistant wax on the market. Carnauba Wax melts at 187 ° F, whereas Montan Wax melting point is 203°F
8" White Lamb Wool Cutting Pad 3D ACA 500 - Cutting Compound 3D One
3D ACA 500 - Cutting Compound
Our Price: $35.00

3D One
Our Price: $35.99
Ceramic Alumina™ is a revolutionary new abrasive which has been
constructed to provide lower heat, high speed leveling which will
correct even the most challenging clearcoats and single stage paint.
This precisely engineered compound delivers TRUE PAINT PERFECTION in the
absolute shortest amount of time.
3D Nano Pad - Clay Bar Alternative 3D HD Nitro Seal 3D ACA Finishing Polish
3D HD Nitro Seal
Our Price: $47.99
3D ACA Finishing Polish
Our Price: $49.99

The HD NANO pad is an alternative to a clay bar for removing surface contamination from the finish. 3D HD Nitro Seal Co-Polymer Paint Sealant
3D ACA 520 FINISHING POLISH is the industry’s fastest HOLOGRAM FREE Finishing Polish with ALPHA CERAMIC ALUMINA. This revolutionary NEW WATER base, abrasive polish that has been constructed to provide high speed, low heat, hologram eliminating polishing for the most challenging clear coats and single stage paint.
3D Ceramic Coating Kit
3D Ceramic Coating Kit
Our Price: $59.39
Add an extremely hard, high gloss, heat resistant finish that can be applied easily at home in one step. We do recommend proper paint preparation and correction before applying the ceramic coating. Take a look at some of the videos supplied by 3D themselves and see for yourself what this product can do.