Do I need a Primer?
Which primer is best for my project?

Do I need a primer?

Primer is recommended if you are doing repair work, going direct to metal, or are changing from one color to another (painting over one solid color, such as a grey primer, will give you a more even finished paint). Yes, you can use an aerosol primer. However, use a quality automotive primer to assure compatibility. Sem products, Spray Max, and House of Kolor are very good products used by professional automotive shops. The aerosol primers are listed below with their item numbers click on the link to read more about them.

Direct to Metal Aerosol Primer:

Spray Max Epoxy Primer SPM-3680032

Spray Max Etch Primer SPM-3680003 (also for fiberglass)

SEM Self Etching Primer SPM-39683

High Build Aerosol Primer (for use over repair areas that needed sanded):

Spray Max 2K Rapid Primer SPM-3680031 (also for fiberglass and plastic)

SEM High Build Primer

House of Kolor Primer KD3000

Plastic Primer:
Spray Max Plastic Adhesion and Flex Promoter