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Industrial Paint

From Industrial Equipment to Industrial Art, we are able to custom mix the paint for your application needs. We custom mix paint orders either with a paint code you submit or matching a sample piece you send.

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Looking for custom mixed paint? We offer high-quality urethane paint in aerosol and touch up bottles with built-in brushes.

Our aerosol paints come in either 1k base coat or 2k single stage versions. The Spray Max 1k aerosol paint is a base coat and typically yields better coverage than a 2k paint. The 1K base coat aerosols do not need to be activated. This allows you to use it over and over for touch ups to small blemishes until the can is empty. It needs a clear coat applied separately.

The Spray Max 2k aerosol includes an activator/hardener and clear coat, and must be used within 12 hours once the can is activated. It has a gloss finish.

Let us help you find the paint for your commercial, industrial, or art application needs.