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DURABLOCK Compounds, Glazes, Polishes, Wool and Foam Pads

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DURA-BLOCK 3/4X1-1/8X11 DUR-AF4400 Dura-Block Standard Sanding Block, 3/4x1-1/8x11

DuraBlock AF4400 Standard Sanding Block

Our Price: $8.43
ROUND DURA-BLOCK DUR-AF4404 Dura-Block Round Sanding Block

DuraBlock AF4404 Round Sanding Block

Our Price: $8.48
DURA-BLOCK TEARDROP DUR-AF4406 Dura-Block Teardrop Sanding Block

DuraBlock AF4406 Tear Drop Sanding Block

Our Price: $15.98
DURA-BLOCK 16X2.75X1.5 DUR-AF4403 Dura-Block Standard Sanding Block, 16X2.75X1.5

DuraBlock AF4403 Standard Sanding Block

Our Price: $26.10
Long DURA-Block DUR-AF4409 Long Dura-Block Sanding Block

DuraBlock AF4409 24" Long Sanding Block

Our Price: $33.12
Sale Price: $28.98
Marine DURA-Block - extra long DUR-AF4410 DURA-Block Marine Sanding Block

DuraBlock AF4410 Big File Sanding Board 30"

Our Price: $39.20
DURA-BLOCK 6 Pc Set DUR-AF44A DURA-BLOCK 6-Piece Sanding Block Kit

DuraBlock Kit - 6 Pc. Sanding Block Kit

Our Price: $49.28