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House of Kolor Clear Coat

Choosing the right basecoat is not the be-all-end-all in defining the final look of your ride. Other components, including clear coat in particular, play a significant role in achieving the finish you desire. Designed primarily to protect the surface of the vehicle from abrasion, UV light and chemical impact, automotive clear coat is an integral component of the painting process that defines the lifetime of the paint coating and its visual appeal. House of Kolor clear coats are well known for their outstanding quality and are perhaps the best clear coats available on the market mainly due to their exceptional gloss so valued among car painting enthusiasts and professionals. These coats offer excellent UV protection and superior resistance to damage from water, chemicals and fuels. Here you will find House of Kolor urethane clear coats, including Kosmic Urethane Show Klear that is suitable for use on everything from large trucks to motorcycles and provides superior flow-out. Specialty HOK clear coats are also available - if you need a protective clear coat for your artwork tape-out, we recommend House of Kolor Intercoat Clear that applies prior to graphic artwork to lock down and protect the paint.

Look no further to protect your paint job; 66 Auto Color offers the best selection of automotive clear coat from the House of Kolor, a world leader in the automotive paint industry.

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