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House of Kolor Purple Custom Paint

Purple the color of royalty, team up with House of Kolor and create "the look" for your ride. Select from a range of purples in subtle pearls or bright metallics. You can now enjoy high quality game-changing custom colors with House of Kolor aerosols.

We offer HOK (House of Kolor) spray cans, pints, and quarts for the new Shimrin 2 generation of custom auto spray paint colors. These include kandies, pearls and metallic paint of unrivaled beauty, with a deep luster and sheen that is sure to please.

Give your ride the perfect custom look with these colors that pop like nothing else on the market.

The House of Kolor Shimrin 2 paints are semi-transparent, to achieve better coverage and customize your color use a colored primer such as the House of Kolor KD3000 series of primer in quarts or aerosols .

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