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House of Kolor Custom Blue Paint

Whether you are new to the painting industry or shopping for that rare-to-find right finish for your project, our selection of House of Kolor blue basecoats is the answer to your question. Get a shimmering cool look with the House of Kolor Stratto Blue, emulate the colors of the deep sea with House of Kolor Oriental Blue or mimic the popular Kandy finish with House of Kolor Cobalt Blue. House of Kolor Kandy Cobalt Blue has long achieved great recognition among vehicle restoration enthusiasts due to its distinguishing look that completely transforms the vehicle. We are proud to offer fast shipping for this and other HOK blue paints from our store located in the center of the Midwest, so you can approach working on your project in no extra time. House of Kolor blue paints are available in quarts, gallons, pints and aerosols.

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NOTE: The Digital Kolor Shapes are high resolution photographs of painted shapes. Color representation may vary based on the age and performance of your PC. We recommend painting test panels prior to finishing your masterpiece.

The House of Kolor Shimrin 2 paints are semi-transparent for those special effects, to achieve better coverage and customize your color use a colored primer such as the House of Kolor KD3000 series of primer in quarts or aerosols .