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House of Kolor Red Custom Paint

Recreate your ride with House of Color raving mad red paints that tear up the road with bright sun-catching metallics and pearls. If you are looking for radiant and dynamic shine, House Of Kolor Red metallic paints should be your colors of choice. For glossy sheen, you can pick House of Kolor red pearl paint, and if you want your finish to radiate depth and luxury, House of Kolor Kandy Red is the way to go - House of Kolor candy apple red and House of Kolor Brandywine are among the most popular ones in this last category. Whether you choose a metallic, candy or pearl red HOK basecoat, bear in mind that each type of paint requires an individual approach to get that raving and bold look for your custom project. Here at, we are happy to provide you with the most complete selection of Shimrin® and Shimrin® 2 House of Kolor red basecoats and other necessary components that will make your ride look the way you want it. Paints are available in quarts, pints and gallons and aerosols.

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NOTE: The Digital Kolor Shapes are high resolution photographs of painted shapes. Color representation may vary based on the age and performance of your PC. We recommend painting test panels prior to finishing your masterpiece.

The House of Kolor Shimrin 2 paints are semi-transparent for those special effects, to achieve better coverage and customize your color use a colored primer such as the House of Kolor KD3000 series of primer in quarts or aerosols .