3D - HD Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit

3D - HD Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit

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HD Nitro Seal is an innovative car paint sealant that provides superior paint protection while giving a high shine finish. Its proprietary two-step formula makes it a must have product for any car user. It is designed to protect and shield your paint finish from water spots, road debris, bird droppings, harmful UV rays, and oxidation. After extensive research and development, the finest paint sealant in the market has been formulated. To extend the durability of HD Nitro Seal, apply 3D Poxy every 3 months. 

HD Nitro Seal is a co-polymer paint sealant. Make sure that the car is properly prepared by cleaning it and removing any scratches on the surface underneath. Wipe it down with rubbing alcohol then clean up any wax or existing contaminants that may be on the paint. HD NITRO SEAL is a super easy, user friendly product to apply!

Kit Includes:

- 1 HD Nitro Seal Part A

- 1 HD Nitro Seal Part B

- 1 Red Applicator

- 1 Black Applicator

- 1 Microfiber Towel

- 1 Latex Glove

- 1 Instruction Sheet

  • 1 Nitro Seal Box