Porsche 2005 Automotive Paint Codes

Porsche 2005 Automotive Paint Codes

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Porsche 2005 Paint Codes - Aerosol Paint

(Available in 1K Base Coat Paint (10.1 oz) or 2K Single Stage Paint (9.6 oz))


Our automotive spray paint is a high quality, urethane-based auto paint.
  • The Spray Max aerosols have more yield, faster work speed, and a broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols.
  • Innovative spray nozzle and valve technology in combination with new propellant technology delivers professional "spray gun-like" results.
  • Spray Max is suitable for many applications, e.g. motor vehicles, motorcycles, paintable wheel inserts, bicycles, commercial vehicles, municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trains, furniture making and woodwork, boats, yachts, aerospace as well as for industrial.
  • Bare metal requires the use of a primer before applying paint.
  • 1K base coat requires a clear coat.
Note: Use in a well ventilated area and use a respirator mask when spraying this product.

The color swatch is only a representation. This may vary on your computer and to your car depending on amount of fading, etc. We recommend spraying a test panel prior to finishing your masterpiece.