700 HP Mopar engine paint project

"I began this engine paint project with the finished product in My mind, however as many people know with painting most times comes disappointment for one reason or another. This is My first experience with the 2K two part paint and I have to say It defiantly did not disappoint! I was amazed to watch this stuff flow onto the surface of primer like it had a mind of its own! After setting up and curing it almost looked like it was dipped, it appeared so deep and flawless in the metallic distribution. After posting some pics on My Facebook news My notification alert has gone bonkers! This 440 is getting all the attention it deserves, THANX to 66 AUTO COLOR!!!" - W. Huber, Jacksonville, Florida - 2016

Thanks W. Huber for the products and the great review!

Products used and quantity:

6x Spraymax 2k single stage aerosols - Dodge Plum Crazy Met.

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