SprayMax Paint Supplier in Joplin, MO

If you're looking for the best paint around to handle your vehicle paint jobs, visit the experts at 66 Auto Color. Randy Garrison and his staff are well able to handle any kind of custom painting that you might have in mind. Don't spend thousands of dollars on overpriced competitors who charge you for only one color. Choose the experts who use SprayMax paint, which is highly recommended by professional auto detailers to achieve the look you want.

If you want more of a custom look, you can get professional paint mixing to achieve the exact color of your interior or choose a whole different color for a different fresh appearance and style.

It's Not Just About Beautification

Remember that a great paint job is not just about making your vehicle look more aesthetically pleasing. Giving your car a new coat of paint is also a protective measure. Car surfaces can be badly damaged over time by tree sap, bird droppings, eggs on Halloween night by pranksters, dust, sand, and even pollen.

Dirt build-up grinds away at the protective finish of your vehicle, leaving it looking dull and making it vulnerable to damage. 

The Solution

SprayMax Paint is a special kind of spray paint that gives you a perfect coat of paint every time. We are a certified SprayMax Paint supplier, and we can provide you with the colors you want or even mix colors to achieve that perfect protective finish. 

Location and Contact

Located in Joplin, MI, Randy and the crew at 66 Auto Color have you in mind when they work on your vehicle or RV. You can tell them what you want, and they will match and mix it to the best possible look. 

We are your SprayMax Paint, SEM, and House of Kolor supplier. Contact us today at (417) 206-7473. Let us show you how Cinderella transformed from a handmaiden to a princess!