Do I need a primer?
      1. Primer is recommended if you are doing repair work, going direct-to-metal, or you are changing from color to another. (Painting over one solid color, such as gray primer, will give you a more evenly finished paint.)
      2. And yes, you can use aerosol primer! It is recommended to use a quality automotive primer to ensure compatibility with your project and other materials used. Check out the links below to learn more about some of the awesome SEM, Spray Max, and House of Kolor primers we offer!

        Direct to Metal Aerosol Primer:

        Spray Max Epoxy Primer SPM-3680032

        Spray Max Etch Primer SPM-3680003 (also for fiberglass)

        SEM Self Etching Primer SPM-39683

        High Build Aerosol Primer: (for use over repair areas that need sanded)

        Spray Max 2K Rapid Primer SPM-3680031 (also for fiberglass and plastic)

        SEM High Build Primer
        Plastic Primer:
        Spray Max Plastic Adhesion and Flex Promoter
What’s the difference between a 1K basecoat paint and a 2K single stage paint?
      1. 1K Basecoat- This paint is much more durable and achieves slightly more coverage than single stage, and does not have to be activated- therefore it can be used again and again until the can is empty. But to make the paint more durable, clear-coat must be applied on top of the paint. This helps protect the paint from harmful UV rays from the sun, as well as normal wear and tear -such as minor scratches, dirt, small rocks, and so on- to whatever surface you have painted. And speaking of normal wear and tear, a nice benefit of basecoat is that any minor damage can be color-sanded out.
      2. 2K Single Stage- This paint is a two-in-one activated paint, one half paint and one half clear, which must be used within 12 hours of activation. While this paint is not as durable as basecoat, it does provide a nice, high gloss finish and saves a couple steps along the way!
      3. Which paint is best for you? To review, Basecoat: More durable and long-lasting, not time-sensitive, (during painting) damage can be color-sanded out, but a more extensive and slightly more expensive process. Single Stage: one less step with the clear already combined with the paint, shiny gloss finish straight out of the can, but less durable and time sensitive. (during painting)
How much paint do I need?
      1. Our most often asked question is, “How much will I need?” This is always a difficult one to answer, for each paint formula is different. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to decide how much to order. In most cases, you will need more product for silver, yellow, orange, and some reds since they do not have as much pigment in the formula as darker colors like black, gray, blue, and darker greens. Ground color is another element that needs to be considered. If the same color is being painted over an existing color, not as much of the new paint will be needed compared to changing drastically from one color to another, like red to white. Another factor in determining coverage is level of experience/room for error. You don’t want to run out of paint in the middle of the process! A starting estimate is one aerosol can per each 3x3/3x5 area. See our customer reviews/blog to get an idea of the products other customers have ordered. Customer Reviews - Blog
How long should I wait between paint coats?
      1. The wait time (flash time) between coats of paint is about 10 to 20 minutes at 70°F. If it is high humidity or cool, you will want to wait the longer time. For every fifteen degree drop in temperature you need to double the wait time. (Not recommended to spray 2K products below 60°F.)
How long after painting should I wait before applying clear coat? What is the wait time between clear coat layers?
      1. For clear coat, you should wait at least 45 minutes after applying the paint before spraying the clearcoat over the paint, but wait no longer than 8 hours in order for the two layers to adhere together properly. Between coats of clear, the time varies according to temperature, humidity, and air flow. The best test to do to see if your surface is ready for another layer of clear is the “string” test. Find an area of masking tape near the wettest point of the clear. Press your finger into the clear and lift up about one inch or so. Look for fine strands of clear attached to your finger from the surface. If there are strings, it is not ready. Remember: tacky, not stringy! Click this link to see a  real time string test and get some more info!
How do I prevent the nozzle of my can from clogging and spitting?
      1. It is important to clear/clean the nozzle after each layer. Do not allow product to dry on the nozzle. If the nozzle does clog and you have another aerosol, you can switch the nozzles, then clean and replace the clogged one again. See this video for more info:


Standard color vs. Variant color
      1. Each paint code formula has a standard version, which is the most common formula. However, there are variations of most paint code formulas due to minor manufacturing error here and there like some leftover paint in a new formula or what have you. Unfortunately, variant information is not on the vehicle itself, so it must be determined by color matching since there can be dozens of variants for a single color. Here at 66 Auto Color we just mix the standard formula unless we have received a variant sample to match.


How do I repair a tri-coat?
    1. Repairing tri-coats can be tricky business. How many coats do you apply for the basecoat and midcoat to achieve a blendable match?Unfortunately, manufacturers do not reveal these secrets. A good way to help overcome this problem is to make a spray-out test using a Let-Down-Panel. This will help you determine the amount of color you need for each step before moving on to the actual repair.
Click here for simple Let-Down-Panel Guide!117&ithint=file%2cdocx&action=editnew&wdNewAndOpenCt=1609962454330&wdPreviousSession=08694130-45c9-402f-bca6-bd34a2721c15&wdOrigin=OFFICECOM-WEB.START.NEW
What sandpaper and grit should I use?

40 Grit

Very rough sanding/grinding before body work

80 Grit

Rough sanding before bodywork, and for sanding body filler

180 Grit

Final sanding and feather edging body filler

320 Grit or 3M Scotchbrite-Red

Optional final sanding before using primer, and also for sanding spot putty

400 Grit or 3M Scotchbrite-Red

Rough sanding primer or final sanding spot putty

600-800 Grit or 3M Scotchbrite-Gray

Final sanding primer, sand with 600 before using basecoat paint

1000 Grit

Wet sanding a panel to be repainted

1200 Grit

Wet sanding a panel to be repainted

1500-2000 Grit

Final sanding clear coat to remove defects before polishing with rubbing compound, can also be used for sanding down a panel to be repainted instead of 1000 or 1200

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