Bryan's KZ400 Motorcycle paint project

“Although I am a handyman, I have never attempted to paint an entire bike. I now know I will do it over and over again! I've shown my friends the pictures of the bike and posted it in social media. Several have asked where I got the paint. I am already sending customers your way.  Thanks for your product. This bike was faded brown. Now a beautiful Mango Tango Pearl. I saw a newer Dodge Avenger and loved the color, thinking it would be great for a motorcycle. I looked on line for the paint color and was directed toward 66 Auto Color. I bought two cans of base coat and one can of Spray Max clear. That was more than enough to complete the bike. I had a nib after the second base coat and tried to remove it before the coat was dry. Big mistake. I learned to let it dry, carefully remove and lightly sand, then apply another coat. I  have seen other people apply clear coat with a traditional spray gun. When I tested the Spray Max clear I noticed it came out of the can just like a spray gun. That made application very easy for a beginner.” - Bryan- Wymore, NE - 2014

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