C. Kelly's DIY CT70 Mini Trail replica

“66 Auto Color Store made my DIY CT70 Mini Trail replica project look like a professional job!  I've never painted anything beyond a birdhouse, or an occasional trailer rim. 66 Auto helped with my paint selection, primer and clear coat. The instructions that accompany the order are easy to understand, and ensure a successful project. My next project is going to be fixing rust spots on my '73 VW bus.  I have no doubt that 66 Auto Color will make that project a breeze as well.

Tips: My tips would be to use a good degreaser/wax remover, and to sand and prime until you have a nice smooth surface. I used a tack cloth and an air can to remove dust. I stored my paint indoors to keep at a constant temperature. I used a hair dryer to heat the surface before painting.  It was a cool day, but the paint went on beautifully...no runs or streaks.” - C. Kelly of Pensacola, Florida - 2014

Products used and quantity:

1x pair of two cans aerosol Spray Max 1K Base coat - Honda Motorcycle Red R4C Candy Ruby Red (Tri-coat)

1 aerosols Spray Max Glamour Clear Coat

1 aerosol Spray Max Etch Primer


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