SprayMAX - Self Etch Weld-Thru Primer

SprayMAX - Self Etch Weld-Thru Primer

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Spray Max Self Etch Weld-Thru Primer (SPM-3680001)

Anti-corrosion primer for bare metal surfaces. Weldable primer acts as an
anti-spatter agent with no drag or burn away along the side of the weld. Seals
off moisture from weld, stopping future corrosion.

  • Excellent rust cure properties
  • Fills and builds
  • Seals the metal surface from moisture and future corrosion
  • Patented valve and nozzle technology deliver spray gun like results
COLOR: Red brown (as packaged)

MIX: Ready to spray - aerosol


SUGGESTED USE: Metal areas to be welded

COVERAGE: approx. 775 – 1163 sq inch (0.5 - 0.75 m2 )/ aerosol
at approx. 1.2 – 1.6 mil (30 – 40 μm) dried film

TOP COAT: Primer

Use in a well ventilated area and use a respirator mask when spraying this product.

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