SprayMAX - 1K Basecoat Aerosol Paint (2071)

SprayMAX - 1K Basecoat Aerosol Paint (2071)

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Please fill in the required information:

1. Any known paint code/s

2. Color name/description

3. Year/make/model of vehicle

(1K Base Coat must be clear-coated)

Our Spray max 1K is a high quality, professional, one component, urethane-based auto spray paint. Smooth flow and leveling.

We can put your original factory color in an aerosol for you. 

We have most O.E.M. factory colors, if we have a question we will contact you.

1K Base coat does require a clear coat. We suggest SprayMAX 2K High Gloss Glamour Clear 

Spray Max benefits:

  • More yield, faster work speed, broader, finer spray pattern than conventional aerosols.
  • Professional paint results, sprays like a SPRAY GUN.
  • Spray Max can be used on motor vehicles, wheel rim inserts, bicycles, agricultural and construction machinery, woodwork, guitars, and much more.

For bare metal use a primer.

Always wear a respirator when using this product.





Customer responsibility lies not only in choosing and ordering the right color, but also in executing proper use of the products we provide. Proper use includes spray pattern, overlap, blending, activation, and care of the can, but also taping and masking procedure, flash times, spraying environment, and so on. 

Some reasons your color is not matching: 

1. You have to blend the color into the existing panel to make the repair invisible. 
-Blending is all about fooling the eye, to the point where you can not see where the new paint starts and where it ends.
-Blending can sometimes be tricky for beginners, but there are plenty of helpful youtube videos that show how it works.
2. There are sometimes up to 14 different variants to an OEM paint code. Yours may not be the standard variant.
-We mix the standard variant of all colors.
-Automobile manufacturers do not keep strict quality control for paint matching, hence all the variants to one paint code.
3. Your car fades over time.
-Even though you can't tell by looking at a color sometimes, fading is inevitable.
-Some colors and paint-types are even more prone to fading than others.
4. Your vehicle was repainted at some point and the new paint information was not recorded or inaccurate.
-Oftentimes, in this situation it can be impossible to exactly pinpoint a color.
5. You may be using the wrong color of primer for your color.
-For many colors there can be a recommended primer or ground coat.
-For many types of paint the base color can greatly affect the final shade of a color.
6. You either applied too many coats of the color or not enough.
7. Spraying at different air pressures and humidity levels can make a difference, especially on pearls and metallics.
-If your air pressure and environmental conditions are not good for painting, this can change how the pearls and metallics are positioned when sprayed out. It then affects how the sun hits them and causes the overall paint job to look.
8. Not shaking a can or stirring product before application can cause serious mis-match.
-Paint toners naturally separate from each other, so you need to mix/shake thoroughly.
9. Not having consistent spray patterns or technique.
-This is a big one- your paint color can be affected greatly if you stray from the recommended techniques and use of the spray cans. 
-Prep and execution are everything!

With all that being said, anyone can still do a really great job painting, no matter how new they are to it. Even though this can be a sensitive process when it comes to controlling your environment and things like that, it is still pretty simple. As long as you take care to follow product instructions and take your time, you can definitely do it!

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