Pantone Custom Color Match - 1K Basecoat

Pantone Custom Color Match - 1K Basecoat

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Custom Pantone 1K Basecoat Paint

Order your perfect 1K Pantone color here!

1K Aerosol: Basecoat must be clear-coated. Find either gloss, matte, or satin clearcoat HERE. For bare metal use a primer. Always wear a respirator when using this product. 

Pint/Quart: Mixing Ratio: 2 Parts Paint to 1 Part Hardener. Each Pint and Quart ordered will come with the appropriate amount of hardener.

NOTE: Please be careful with matte/satin finish when it comes to cleaning, handling, and detailing. Do your research, always be gentle, and use the appropriate products and procedure or the finish could potentially be damaged.


Please fill in the required information:

1. Any known paint code/s

2. Color name/description


This listing is for the custom order of Pantone colors in 1K Basecoat only. Find the 2K Single Stage listing here: (((_____paste link here_____)))