SprayMAX - 1K Basecoat Aerosol Paint (2071)

SprayMAX - 1K Basecoat Aerosol Paint (2071)

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Please fill in the required information:

1. Any known paint code/s

2. Color name/description

3. Year/make/model of vehicle

(1K Base Coat must be clear-coated)

Our Spray max 1K is a high quality, professional, one component, urethane-based auto spray paint. Smooth flow and leveling.

We can put your original factory color in an aerosol for you. 

We have most O.E.M. factory colors, if we have a question we will contact you.

1K Base coat does require a clear coat. We suggest SprayMAX 2K High Gloss Glamour Clear 

Spray Max benefits:

  • More yield, faster work speed, broader, finer spray pattern than conventional aerosols.
  • Professional paint results, sprays like a SPRAY GUN.
  • Spray Max can be used on motor vehicles, wheel rim inserts, bicycles, agricultural and construction machinery, woodwork, guitars, and much more.

For bare metal use a primer.

Always wear a respirator when using this product.


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