SprayMAX - 2K Matte Finish Clearcoat Aerosol

SprayMAX - 2K Matte Finish Clearcoat Aerosol

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SprayMAX 2K Clear Coat Matte Finish (3680065)

Matte clears are made to spray it and forget it. No buffing, no shining. A 2K (two-part) component aerosol clearcoat that is easy to apply, flows smooth, and dries to a long-lasting finish. 

  • 2K clearcoat with a matte finish in an easy to use aerosol
  • Matte clear coats cannot be polished or this will change the gloss
  • Activate, shake and spray
  • Unique nozzle delivers spray gun results.
  • Dries to a hard finish
  • Excellent weather and chemical resistance
  • Professional quality automotive clear coat: cars, motorcycles, hobbies
Use Wizard Wipe Down for matte finish detailing - leaves NO gloss
  • Use in a well ventilated area and use a respirator mask when spraying this product

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