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SprayMax Auto Spray Paint

Professional paint results, sprays like a SPRAY GUN

SprayMax auto spray paints represent years of research to create a spray can solution for cars that could contend with spray guns. Thanks to several innovative technologies, you can now achieve excellent painting results that were only previously possible with a spray gun and booth.

SprayMax auto paint colors contend with traditional auto paint generating a wide jet of spray much like a spray gun, with drastically less overspray than other aerosols. Along with continuous pressure and smaller particle atomization, this imbues SprayMax auto colors with an even, deep luster.

Purchase SprayMax 2k aerosol paints for a single-stage solution, with two products in one. SprayMax 2k paint contains both paint and activator/hardener. We also offer 1k, which contains just the paint. It requires a separate clear coat application, which can lead to a slightly more durable finish than the integrated solution.

Shop today for advanced automotive painting technology in mobile, aerosol can form!

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