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House of Kolor Paint

If you are looking for top-notch quality in custom color auto paints, then look no further than the House of Kolor auto paint selection offered by! Known in the coatings industry since 1956, House of Kolor continues the tradition of premium custom finishes for vehicles and motorcycles. Whether you are looking for the proven Shimrin® House of Kolor Kandy paint or want to try the innovative Shimrin® 2 line of basecoats that features a more amplified pearl effect, the selection offered at our store allows you to make custom House of Kolor paint kits for any type of painting projects. Here you will find both HOK Shimrin® and Shimrin® 2 basecoats as well as other necessary components, including primers, clearcoats, catalysts and reducers. House of Kolor automotive paint is available at in aerosol cans as well as in pint, quart and gallon amounts. We are conveniently located in the center of the Midwest, so you get your shipment quicker!

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