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Looking for factory touch up paint for cars? We offer high-quality auto touch up paint in aerosol and touch up bottles with built-in brushes. Buy our touch up car paint in aerosol form if you’re repainting large sections, like a panel that has been replaced after an accident. Touch up bottles can be used to fill in smaller blemishes like dings and scratches.

Our aerosol car touch up paints come in either 1k base coat or 2k single stage versions. The Spray Max 1k aerosol paint is a base coat with more coverage and no need to be activated. This allows you to use it over and over for touch ups to small blemishes until the can is empty. It needs a clear coat applied separately.

The Spray Max 2k aerosol includes an activator/hardener and clear coat, and must be used within 12 hours once the can is activated. While by itself it has a durable and chemically resistant finish, it will not last as long as the 1K base coat when a separate clear coat layer has been applied.

No matter what your need, we have the manufacturer’s touch up auto paint to make your car shine again!


What's the difference between a 1K Base coat or a 2K Single Stage?
Spray Max 1K aerosol paint (containing one product) is a base coat paint. It has more coverage than the 2K aerosol and does not have to be activated, so it can be used again and again for touch ups until the can is empty. It must be clear coated. Using a clear coat gives the added benefit of protection against the sun's UV rays, which causes fading. The 1K basecoat/clear coat system has the added benefit of less orange peel. Also, in the event scratches or repairs need to be made, the clear coat can be color sanded. We suggest using the Spray Max 2K Glamour Clear Coat. This gives a high gloss finish, durable finish.
Spray Max 2K Single Stage aerosol paint (two products in one can, the paint and activator/hardener) is an activated paint. Once the can is activated it must be used within 12 hours. The Spray Max 2K actually has three items in one aerosol: paint, clear coat, and activator. One of the advantages to the 2K aerosol is no separate clear coat is needed, saving steps and money. However, the 1K base coat, since it does have the extra layer of 2K clearcoat, will hold up longer.

Which Spray Max paint is best for you? The base coat/ clear coat method will give you a better, more durable finish. However, each project is different, consider carefully the needs and use of your project, consider the characteristics of the 1K and 2K paint and then make your choice.

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