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Windshield/Auto-Glass Urethane Adhesive

We offer windshield urethane adhesives and more to install stationary glass on a car in no time. Our auto glass adhesive products include Dow Beta Prime All-in-One Windshield Primer, which promotes urethane adhesion and fixes minor pinch weld scratches, and Dow BETASEAL glass bonding systems. Use Dow glass bonding systems for installing aftermarket windshields, quarter glass and more.

BETASEAL provides fast curing and doesn't need windshield prep or a glass primer. It also comes ready to use with no heating required and works well for attaching hardware to the glass. Combine BETASEAL adhesive with Dow all-in-one primer. These help restore and repair automotive glass, bare metal, scratches in paint and more.

If you’re looking for urethane windshield adhesive, you’ll find what you need at 66 Auto Color.

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